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Fine-grained control

Periodic Audits


HaltDos Web Application Firewall is a fully managed solution that uses state of the art anomaly detection techniques to block application layer attacks with zero false positives. It protects your website from common and zero day web exploits that affect application availability, compromise security or consume application server resources. It also periodically goes and audits your website to provide comprehensive security for your website.

HaltDos hardware solution provides inbuilt Distributed Denial of Service and Web Application Firewall solution. It is a transparent layer 2 device that can handle large volume of traffic as well as intercept encrypted traffic. With in built load balancer, HaltDos is a one stop shop for Data Centers.

Unlike existing SaaS based application firewall solution, HaltDos Web Application Firewall solution runs on your application servers. This provides fine-grained configuration and application server level monitoring that provides full spectrum visibility with no single point of failure.


Owasp Top 10 Threat Protection
Bot Attack Protection
IP Reputation
Geo IP Throttling
Built-in Rules
Custom Rules for Business Logic
Clickjack Script Injection
HTTP Misbehavior Protection
Periodic Security Audit
Instance level monitoring
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